About Me

My name is Allyson.
I love cupcakes
and food
and cooking
and shopping
and diy-ing (is that a word? well now it is)
and wasting time on tumblr
and Community
and Parks and Rec
and THE FOOD CHANNEL (food network AND cooking channel)
and anything mint-colored.
I play drum set - or did until I went to college (go cocks!).
Ich liebe Deutschland! 
I play with the colors of my hair quite often (cause I mean who needs healthy hair anyways).
I'm a DJ for my college's radio station. DJ Allycat =^_^= meow
I don't like reading giant long paragraphs so my posts will pretty much look like this. Deeeeeeeeal with it :P
(also i like to type out the thoughts that pop into my head while i'm writing these posts in parentheses. you're welcome)

and now, here is a really funny picture of Goofy from "A Goofy Movie"

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